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By | June 8, 2022

Today the competition or competition in the Forex/foreign exchange market can be really tight. There are many online trading brokers who are really honest and very helpful to traders, but not a few are proven scams. Therefore, in online forex trading, traders must be really careful and thorough to choose the best and trusted online Forex Broker.

Online traders should also realize that knowing and understanding the psychology of Forex trading or tactics in forex trading is not enough to be able to succeed and successfully benefit from online forex trading investments.

The best and trusted Forex Broker in online trading, will also play a big role in your success in investing and executing forex trading strategies.

Well for that before choosing the right Forex broker for you in forex trading, you need to know many important things that must be observed and considered. Thus, it is therefore easier for you to find the right most trusted Forex Broker.

Steps In Choosing The Best and Trusted online Forex Broker

To be able to choose the Best Forex broker, therefore my financial rubric will share many important things you see when determining a Forex trading broker.

1. There Is A Demonstration Account / Demo Account Facility

Forex brokers should provide demonstration accounts to be tested by some novice traders. This account demonstration is really useful in order to know the actual trading conditions and situations without investing a lot of money or risk before starting Forex trading on a regular account.

Because there is a demonstration account therefore it can help you to feel more optimistic to gain comfort in Forex Trading. Then, there will be a variety of steps to use the broker’s orders.

If you already feel confident with the broker, therefore you can open a real or real account to do real trading.

2. Tight Spreads ( Small )

What is spread? The Spread is the inequality of the selling value and the buying price in the currency the Forex broker sells. If you want to do business transactions buy therefore you can buy at the ask price. And to sell can be at the bid price.

If the spread is large it indicates if the broker can make more profits. However, if the spread is a little because of that you can do money storage with more money.

If you do a bright status opening therefore you will be charged a spread and can be an advantage for Forex brokers if there is a difference in price. This Spread is the most trusted Forex Broker that can give you profits.

3. According to regulations / registered with an authorized financial institution

You are really encouraged to choose the most trusted Forex Broker that is qualified or most trusted that already has a legal institution that has regulations or light.

It would be great if you choose the most trusted Forex Broker in the world with NFA regulations from the United States or FCA UK from the United Kingdom.

Why is that? Because of the 2 rules it is very bright and for the broker who has obtained the rules it is therefore that broker has passed strict terms.

Of course, choosing a safe broker is really necessary to help you feel safe when you are trading. One of them is EXNESS because it has FCA UK regulations and many customers from all over the world trust it.

4. Trading Tools / Forex Trading Tools That Help

Every Forex broker should provide comprehensive assistance tools. For example, real-time charting of currency prices, tools for technical analysis, economic and basic analytical commentary.

In other words, you need some of those tools to do Forex trading well.

5. No Unfollow Order service or restrictions

As there is competition between forex brokers is intense, as there are various offers and collateral every unfolded order and limit order therefore, you are required to go into minute details along as far as time goes.

They know what they are about. What it is about news NFP so you are not wrong when determining the best forex broker in the world or in Indonesia.

6. Service or good Customer Service

It is definitely the Best Forex broker as a broker who can also provide support and eliminate worries every time you need a broker mechanism.

It would be nice again if you look for a mechanism that you can easily get through a lot of access. One of them is through telephone access, support helpdesk, community, and email.

7. Safety Guaranteed

Security as a requirement that must be owned by the forex broker that you want to determine later. Of course you don’t want to give a relatively large amount of money to random people right.

Therefore, you must make sure and check the Forex broker to the relevant legal body.

All over the world there are legal institutions that have registered related to the status of a legitimate or not Forex broker really. Some of the bodies of law relating to and and the country as follows.

* Indonesia (BAPPEBTI, BBJ and KBI)

* United States (NFA and CFTC)

* English (FCA)

* Switzerland (SFBC)

* Germany (BaFIN)

* France (AMF)

Then it should be time before you give your money to a Forex broker because it is assured that the broker has been recorded in the relevant legal body yes.

8. Transaction Fees In Tight Trading

Any type of trader must be charged business transaction fees from different business transaction prices or commissions for each business transaction. Thus, the cost of business transactions becomes an important thing you think so that the amount of costs you put out is not so large.

However, there are times when you do not need to care about lower business transaction costs for you who prioritize quality and trust Forex brokers.

If you need a low spread cost for this type of trading, you need to weigh various options such as security and low business transaction cost equilibrium.

9. Withdrawal

As the best forex broker, it will definitely strive for you to be able to handover and withdraw funds easily. Forex brokers should not complicate this process.

10. Forex Trading Basics

In online forex trading, the majority of trading activities are carried out through a trading base at a Forex broker that you have prepared beforehand.

You need to know what the Forex trading base is prepared for.

It provides news feeds or economic information, price charts or charting tools that are understandable, and some other information you need to help you trade Forex.

11. Order execution or order fulfillment

All forex brokers must fulfill orders from their customers at the right price. When the Forex market is in a normal state, therefore, forex brokers must fulfill orders from customers, or at least approach when customers watch the market price on their computer by pressing the sell or buy button.

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And what is important so attention is, what is the leverage level of the Broker. Some forex brokers offer high leverage, some others offer lower leverage levels. For more information directly read the following list of 10 Forex Brokers.

Top 10 best and Most Trusted online forex brokers in the world

So that you are not so confused about choosing the Best Forex broker, my financial section will divide 10 reliable and best forex brokers in the world.

Here are 10 trusted and best forex brokers in the world :

1. GainScope

Spread: starts from 0 pips

* Leverage: 1: 400

* Deposit: $250

* Promo: –

* Regulation: CFTC, NFA, MFSA

2 Finance Freedom Success (FBS)

Spread: starts from 0 pips

* Leverage: 1:2000

* Deposit: $1

* Promo: 100% deposit Bonus

* Regulation: CySEC, IFSC, CRFIN

3 XM (member of Trading points Group)

Spread: starts from 0.1 pips

* Leverage: 1: 888

* Deposit: $ 5

* Promo: 15% Instant Bonus

* Regulations: IFSC, FCA UK, CySEC, BaFin, ASIC

4 InstaForex (Insta Forex Trading)

* Spread: 3 Pips (Fixed)

* Leverage: 1:1000

* Deposit: $1

* Promo: 30% deposit bonus

* Regulation: RAFMM, CySEC

5 FXOpen

Spread: starts from 0 pips

* Leverage: 1:500

* Deposit: $ 300

* Promo: –

* Regulation: FCA UK

6 Exness

Spread: starts from 0.1 pips

* Leverage: 1:2000

* Deposit: $1

* Promo: –

* Regulations: CRFIN (Russia), FCA UK and CySEC

7 Monex Investindo Futures

Monex Spread: starts from 0.2 pips

* Leverage: 1:100

* Deposit: IDR 5,000,000

* Promo: –

* Regulation: BAPPEBTI

8 TickMill

Spread: starts from 0 pips

* Leverage: 1:500

* Deposit: $25

* Promo: –

* Regulation: FCA UK, FSA (Seychelles)

9. Pepperstone

Spread: starts from 0 pips

* Leverage: 1:500

* Deposit: $200

* Promo: –

* Regulation: ASIC, FCA

10. OctaFX
Spread: Floating, starting from 0 pips

* Leverage: 1:500

* Deposit: $ 5

* Promo: 50% bonus for each deposit, fixed rupiah 1 USD = 10,000, motorcycle prizes every week, OctaFX merchandise

* Regulation: IFSA (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), 19776 IBC 2011

Forex Trading For Success

From the various reliable and best forexonline trading brokers available, you can now choose the Best Forex broker with you. Do not forget to pay attention to some of the things that have been mentioned before when choosing a broker.

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