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What are the Current Technology Trends? Let’s see the review

Many technological trends have sprung up in 2022, technological development has been accelerating, and there are many emerging technologies that will provide convenience to human beings. What’s more, we are currently in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution with a lot of development in the field of technology that is getting stronger. There are many technology trends… Read More »

Is 5G internet officially in Indondesia? Let’s See 

This year 5G internet technology is already available in the country, precisely in May 2021, after Telkomsel officially presented the 5th generation network in Indonesia. According to the latest information, referring to research conducted by the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), 5G internet technology in Indonesia has contributed more than 2,800 trillion rupiah or equivalent to 9.5% of Indonesia’s total PBD by 2030.… Read More »

What is Phishing? This is what The Meaning

Hi metavaganza friends, What is Phishing? When surfing the Internet, it would be better if you are more aware of cyber crimes that are targeting you. Apart from malware, another threat to watch out for is Phishing. On this occasion, I will share a complete explanation of the meaning, types, characteristics, how it works, how to deal with… Read More »