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Investree, Fintech Lending Review

Many people or companies have problems when they want to borrow funds from banking institutions. Especially when they are in need of fast funds. So Fintech Lending or online loans are one of the choices, the Investree Application. Investree Review Complicated requirements and long processes have created companies that act as bridges between parties who need loan funds… Read More »

Fintech Lending

Lending, also known as Fintech Peer to Peer Lending, is a service in the financial sector that utilizes technological advances to conduct online lending transactions. Below I will discuss about fintech lending. Just take a look at the reviews below. Fintech Lending The reason for the emergence of fintech lending is none other than the demands of the… Read More »

Online loan applications are registered At OJK

Online loan applications are registered At OJK – Hi metavaganza friends, when the covid 19 pandemic is endemic in Indonesia and even the world as it is today, the economy becomes difficult. Inevitably many Pinjol applications appear that offer credit with attractive programs, but of course not all of them are safe. For this reason, this time we… Read More »