8 Best Scanner App For Android To Scan Document

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Document scan is an activity to scanning an object and the to change to data dіgіtаl in format fіlе. While the tools used to perform this process is called a scanner. Alternatively, the meaning of the Word Scan refers to the work or activity of scanning a document.

For document scanning applications, this tool is also useful for copying files that are difficult to copy digitally. Once the data is converted to digital format, you can save it on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or in the cloud. This will make it easier for you to save the file. The scanned File is not easily damaged and can even be an option when the physical file is lost or damaged because there are still copies.

If you are still confused about what scanner is best for your phone. Come on, check out some of the best apps I’m going to recommend below!

1. Adobe Scan Document Scanning application

Adobe Scan is the best fingerprint monitor for Android. It allows you to scan bookmarks, file formats, receipt images and convert them to PDF files. It is simple and effective to use. When you switch your phone’s camera to the file you want to scan, it will automatically identify and scan the file.

2. Clear scan for android

Delete Scan for Android scans any file or image from your phone quickly. You can convert the displayed files and images to PDF or JPEG format. Great scanning app for Android, light and fast.

You can print documents or images used using Cloud Print. The free scanning software offers a wide range of professional editing functions, even after saving the image to the gallery.

3. google drive

At first I found out that Google Drive for Android comes with files to be scanned. It’s as easy as it sounds, if you have Google Drive installed on your smartphone, you can use your phone as a monitor.

Although this device does not have many features like other Android scanners in this list, but worth a try, because many of us have installed the Google Drive application on our Android smart phones.

4. TurboScan

TurboScan is a powerful and full-featured Android maintenance app with free and paid versions. It allows you to track and share multi-page files in high-quality PDF or JPEG.

It has a “SureScan” function for sharp scanning and includes multi-page dimming functions such as Page addition, reorganization and deletion.

5. Genius scan

Genius Scan is another free scanning app for Android that you can use to scan files. The Program is quick to find files and performs precise automatic cropping. You distance will ever need to resize after autocrop.

6. Easy Scanner

This scan application on Android has a way of working similar to Genius Scan. However, the Easy Scanner app offers more complete features. Such as Batch Scan features, advanced image processing, cloud storage and others.

Fortunately Easy Scanner is also available for free. Download this app on Google Play Store for Android smartphone users and App Store for iPhone users. But the size of the application is rather large, which is about 103MB.

7. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is also one of the most recommended document scanning applications. The document maintenance application on this phone has a fairly small size, which is only about 37mb. On the website Tekno Regnius to get other interesting applications.

The file size is small, but the functionality is quite complete. You can create PDFs, find OCR, and can also be used in collaboration with up to 40 people. OCR is available for free on iOS and Android.

8. PhotoScan

PhotoScan is a scanning app for Android launched by Google. To scan a photo so that it can be a digital version.

For those of you who have a large collection of old photos at home, this application will be very helpful for taking photos in digital form. Features like anti-glare, automatic enhancement are available there to make it easier for users.

PhotoScan is available for free on IOS or android. In addition, by using this application users can directly save the results in Google Photos.

Which Document Scanning App Is Free And Comes With Good Features?

Many free scanners are already in the play store. However, rarely are they equipped with good features. If the application is free usually the features provided are limited. But you don’t worry, because there is a free scanner tool that comes with several features that many users like.

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I really like this adobe scan app, because many of the features correspond to the features I need. Many people are already using this application and have good reviews from its users. Therefore, adobe scan is called as the best app for document scanner on android.

Those are some recommendations for document scanning applications, choose a scanner according to your needs. Thank you and hopefully useful!

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