How to Create a Google Account on PC And Smartphone


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Gmail or Google Mail is one of the must-have electronic messages when you want to integrate the features that exist on the phone.

This Gmail account will be connected to various google features such as Google Drive, Google Chrome, Play Store or Youtube and so on.

Gmail was once introduced with fairly limited developments only for users to invite their friends to create a gmail account. How do I easily create a Google account on your laptop and phone?

How to Create a Google Account on PC And Smartphone

Basically how to create a Google Mail Account is quite easy, you can even do it through a laptop, computer or smartphone / HP.

In the past Gmail could maintain an elite reputation and limit growth.

Gmail doesn’t place ads or add anything to your email.

There are many benefits that you can get when you have this gmail account. Here are some steps to make it:

1. Open Gmail Address On Web Browser

The first step you can do is to enter your web browser’s gmail address. Whether it’s through a computer, laptop or smartphone. Open the address on and wait until the page can be displayed in full. Click create an account and there is a box that will open.

2. Complete Self-Data Content

After looking at the entire page, you can fill in the complete personal data according to what is written in the column.

Starting from the name, date and year of birth, first and last name, username to password to be used.

If the username column does not work, there are several possibilities that occur. How to create a Google account with a failed username can be because it has been used by others.

The username you create is also similar to an existing username. It could also be because the username you created is the same as the username that has been deleted.

When you find a problem like this, try to solve it by adding numbers or trying another username.

3. Click Next If All Fills Are Complete

If the columns in the gmail you have filled all in, click next step and later will appear agreement or requirements box then click I Agree. Until this stage, how to create a google account is done and successful.

After successfully creating this google account, you can change your profile by adding photos or completing existing bidatas. Having a gmail account provides a lot of convenience for users.

Most emaiil services do offer some kind of filtering and those owned by Google are very effective.

Gmail tries to filter out spam attempts, viruses and ad phishing but it’s not 100 percent effective.

Not only that, the gmail desktop also displays contact hangouts that are on the left side of the screen.

You can find out who the email contacts are who also use hangouts.

While hangouts itself is a messenger application that has the advantage of making video calls with many people.

Follow how to create a Google account gradually and carefully. You can access gmail oflline on your computer even if it’s not connected to the internet.

The trick is to install chrome offline gmail extensions in the web browser you use.

Google Account Benefits

Currently, many have used google accounts for their work because they can be backed up / backed up properly.

In addition, there are several other benefits that you get when you have a Google account, for example?

The first with you having a Google account you will get the benefit of access to be able to send and receive emails or emails.

The next benefit is to be able to find and download your favorite videos through Youtube both Regular and Premium.

The third benefit of having a gmail account is that you can access the Google Play Store and download all the applications that have been provided both paid and free.

Well now you understand it is not, how to Create a Google Account On Laptop And HP Easily. Where actually Creating a Google Account is very easy, whether through a mobile phone or computer, the way is not much different.

Look at each step and the ways. Complete your personal data well and read the terms provided by Google when you will create a gmail account.

In addition to the job being easier to back up, gmail will help you connect with many people and easily access every time.

That’s how our friends discuss this time about How to Create a Google Account On Laptop and HP Easily. Also Read How to Create a Google Account on PC And Smartphone Keep the spirit.

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