How to Cope with ATM BRI Blocked Without To the Bank


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How are you today ? May continue given the health and smoothness in all affairs and facilitated the search for a solution in every problem of health financial.

Well as human beings we often forget a thing, well what if we forget it turns out is a PIN ATM BRI that we have.

Where have we know that when we transact at ATMS and 3 times you enter the wrong pin Number, then the automatic ATM card we blocked.

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Actually if we had more time this is easy, you just come to the branch ATM bank BRI nearby and then towards customer service, explain the problem and CS will solve the problem ATM is blocked in a matter of minutes.

Then how about for you guys that workers and do not have time to solve this problem to the Bank ?

Don’t worry guys because in this time I cause will share information about how to resolve ATM BRI blocked without to the bank

How to Cope with ATM BRI Blocked Without To the Bank

Current technology has developed rapidly, so also with Banking services, where it is currently almost all the Banks have provided services to internet or mobile banking.

Well with the registering internet banking BRI, it turns out that is not only just used as a means of online transactions tablets, but can be used to cope with the ATM card when exposed to unblock.

We realized that to overcome the ATM card is very troublesome, because we have to queue in the bank, which sometimes can take hours, whereas we have a lot of activity that should be run everyday.

Then how to cope with the ATM card is blocked without to the bank ? the first way to handle it is through the official website, follow the steps below.

These steps Resolve ATM To Unblock Through the Official Website of the BRI

  • You visit the Official Website of the BRI with the address
  • Then login using your account internet banking ATM card
  • Next select menu customer service
  • Then select menu Enable ataudisable card
  • Next, enter a Keyword or internet banking Password that you have
  • Then press Ok

if it is then there will be a notice that the blocking has been opened if it is already like that. You can directly check the ATM card in the form of login to the ATM machine or m-banking used today.

These steps Resolve ATM To Unblock Through the Call Center BRI

How to cope with ATM BRI blocked furthermore, namely through the Call Center service where you must contact the BRI in order to ask for help so that your ATM card can open unblocked

Note how dedicated ATM card blocked due to wrong PIN ATM three times in a row before that make sure that you have the rest of the pulse to contact the call center BRI.

Here are some steps :

  • First, prepare documents such as personal data of the ID card ATM card series and a savings book.
  • Then contact the call center BRI at 14017 or 150017
  • Furthermore, after connected convey the problems you customer service
  • Don’t Forget to answer all the questions asked by the CS.
  • After that you just follow all of her instructions To the ATM can be used.

If you experience problems in the call center BRI via the number you can contact whatsApp number bri at 08121214017, but the reply of the bank is not as fast as the call center number.

Well then the system will unblock ATM card, if already confirmed the same CS. Just to be sure please check with how to try the ATM card in the ATM machine, or just check through the application of internet banking BRI.

These steps Resolve ATM To Unblock Through the Mobile Banking BRI

Well the third step in overcoming the ATM card is blocked through the Application of the BRI mobile, as we have stated above that that by using the Mobile Banking app you’ll get a lot of benefits.

A variety of such excess at the core to help the customer in the transaction, with the mobile banking service is easy.

One of them is when the ATM card is exposed to unblock the bank because of an error, and without the requirement of a difficult you can re-enable it through the app Brimo with the terms you have done the previous activation.

Here Are The Steps :

  • Open the application BRI mobile
  • Then login with user ID and password
  • Next select the main menu
  • Then click other accounts
  • After that select the menu view detail which will display the account information
  • Then Scroll down
  • Then find and Click the status of the card
  • If it is a menu in the Disable Card
  • Then enter the PIN BRI Mobile you
  • Then, press send and then you will get a notification in the form of SMS which contains that the
  • ATM was already not blocked.

Nah mate still now you can easily unblock the card through a mobile phone blocking of ATM card is indeed very troublesome once because before you blocked is opened, Then the ATM card that is owned will not be used should be

So before exposed block by Bank research first before using the ATM card BRI you, although actually very reasonable if some people of course never forget with PIN ATM BRI.

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