foreign exchange / Forex And The Unique Facts Behind It


foreign exchange – starting to recognize the ins and outs of forex trading, what is forex and how tutorials work, and dive into the important things in the forex industry, there must be a lot of coverage and factors that you need to learn.

Especially if you are proven to be very intent to plunge into the forex industry using the aim of getting a big profit in every trading activity. It takes patience and time and capital that most make as highly skilled in the industry.

Forex And The Unique Facts Behind It

One of the other crucial factors for you is knowing a lot of forex industry information that uses a common way .

Including good and unique things from this one world industry, and unhappy things that do not sporadically occur in the forex industry.

The goal is none other than to prepare yourself as best you can before you really get into this industry. so that later there is no regret because the insight that you have yourself has been more relative origin.

1. The largest financial markets in the world

You need to know this information. Forex aka abbreviation derived from foreign exchange itself is the largest financial market that exists in the global. in one day, the forex market itself trades money worth trillions of American dollars.

Not a small amount of course and not a playful activity using high profits anyway. This can happen due to the large size and liquidity of the forex market, there will be regular buyers and sellers who are ready to trade anytime and anywhere.

2. Trading Is Conducted For 24 Hours

as mentioned above, forex is the largest global financial market. no wonder if trading in the forex market itself is done 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. This is what allows you and other traders to trade at hours that are in sync with your own time.

however, in general, this trade runs in the New Zealand market time on Monday, until when the United States market closes on Friday night. in Indonesia, the forex market is open from five o’clock in the morning on Monday to five o’clock in the morning on Saturday.

3. Small transaction port size

in every trading process, forex transaction rules that must be paid by traders are considered spreads. in the forex market itself, the amount of this transaction budget is generally no more than 0.01% from the size of your own forex account. So, keep the size of your account continues to be large even though these transaction rules. Even so, using the percentage method the value remains fairly small compared to other markets.

4. Devices and accounts used by perdeo

For those of you who want to jump into the forex trading industry, don’t worry. Most brokers AKA online forex brokerage companies are currently introducing to open a demo account without paying at the same time using the entrance of news and information in the forex industry.

with this device and perdeo account, it means you can do demos and simulations. at the same time, you can also watch the market price design in a personal way. This is good for those of you who want to hone performance in the forex industry.

5. Profit by buying as well as selling

there are two tutorials for getting profit profit on the forex market, namely using buying or selling forex which also depends on whether the price is going up or down. This may happen because in forex Trading itself there is a purchase of one currency and the sale of another using the same way. This unique arrangement allows traders to buy and sell at any time, allowing you to make a profit at any time.

6. high Leverage level

in the forex market, brokers generally provide a high level of leverage. In fact, it can reach 400 times the investment of traders. for example, in leverage of 500, this means allowing investment in the quality of 1000 US dollars and being able to control the currency of 500 US dollars. This Leverage gives traders the potential to quickly increase their account size while keeping permanent risk to a minimum.

7. High Accessibility

Be grateful for the advancement of digital technology including the internet that allows you to trade forex does not disappoint using the tutorial to prepare 2 things. use a device such as a laptop alias device and an internet connection. with these 2 factors, the forex trading process as a result is more accessible to anyone and allows better profits.

8. tiny start-up capital

Each trader (individual) is able to open a trading account worth 200 US dollars. This means that novice traders as a result have the option to start small and increase the quality of their account quickly later with varying interest rates. Anyone who has sufficient initial capital, can follow forex trading.

9. Regulatory Limits Are Still Limited

currently, the specific forex market in Indonesia remains supervised by Coftra. however, in a global way there are still no heavy and strict regulations. The forex market itself is still claimed to be an over-the-counter (OTC) market which means there is no central exchange or location for traders to meet and make transactions. as a result, its regulation remains very limited.

10. critical information that is sporadically discussed

In addition to the “Beautiful” information above which is also permanently general , there are other facts that you also need to know, especially related to the forex industry itself.

Capital is proportional to Profit

the coverage that exists in the forex industry has been mentioned above, but it needs to be clarified again. in this trading, there are traders with small accounts who can release a larger margin call risk . sahih proven if trading is able to start using very little capital, especially when it is mandatory compared to using the market aka other investment sectors.

but, keep in mind that in a practical way, forex trading itself essentially also uses a business principle. So, it is clear that you cannot expect to make a profit of hundreds of US dollars every week using only an account worth 50 US dollars.

Don’t Miss The Moment

It’s about momentum and taking advantage of the momentum as best you can. Maximizing trading when the opportunity is cool is legal – it’s only right to be the term of your strategy. Especially if you are a permanent beginner trader.

The concept is the same, traders who are actively trading will more quickly sharpen and hone their skills. Especially in quick analysis and making accurate decisions, especially in very active trading sessions rather than in fairly quiet trading times.

There will often be mistakes when Trading

Remind yourself regularly that mistakes when trading will not only happen once. This is due to the state of the forex market, the global economy,and countries that are routinely dynamic, this makes the situation not uniform and predictable. for that, being a sensitive trader and continuing to share yourself is an obligation that must be done to maintain a sharp trading power at all times. Akbar’s mentality is also expected here.


Forex trading might create you abundant if you are actually a bush money along with deeper pockets or even an uncommonly experienced money investor. However the typical sell investor, instead of being actually a simple roadway towards treasures, forex trading could be a rough freeway towards huge losses as well as prospective penury.

2. Is forex good for beginners?

Certainly there certainly are actually a number of factors forex could be an appealing market, also for novices that have actually little bit of expertise. The forex market comes, needing just a little down payment of funds for investors to obtain included. Likewise, the marketplace is actually available for 24 hr each day/5 times a full week (it is shut for a brief duration on weekend breaks)

3. Is forex riskier than stocks?

Forex trading is actually riskier as well as is actually harder towards anticipate compared to supply motion. Supply financiers utilize the basics of a company’s supply towards projection its own potential costs, however certainly there certainly are actually much a lot extra elements that impact the worth of a country’s money

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