How to Delete Google Account


previous discussion we discussed how to create a google account, now this time we will continue on how to delete a Google account, of course because some are urgent!!!

How to Delete Google Account

The use of Google accounts today is very important. Apart from being able to use the many features it has, a google account will help someone to make it easier for them to send messages safely and quickly.

No longer just using a laptop or computer, but a smartphone that is currently owned by almost everyone can also help you access a Google account anywhere.

This also triggers someone to have more than one email, for example for personal, business, community and so on. To get rid of those that are no longer used, you can do how to delete it.

Before deleting your google account, there are a few things you should know and do. Understand that you can lose the data stored on it.

Lost access to all google services like gmail, drive, calendar and so on. Users may also lose access to subscriptions or any content previously purchased from YouTube, Google and others.

Things that must be considered

Deleting a Google account can be fairly easy. The trick, you can open data & personalization, scroll down to the option “download, delete or make a plan for your data”.

If you already have this option, you can tap delete a service or your account, then select the delete google account option to complete the process. While at the end of the page, users can select the delete account button to permanently delete the google account.

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It’s different if you only want to remove certain services. How to delete a google account for certain services is to open data & personalization, scroll down to the download option, delete or make a service for your account.

Then select the delete a service or your account menu, select delete a google service for the last process.

If you have followed these steps carefully, you can find a complete list of google services that are already linked to your account. Remove access to these applications and features according to your needs.

Look at the steps or stages carefully and make sure that you choose to permanently delete your google account or only limit access to some features.

Another thing that you should do before deleting your google account is to back up your data.

The trick is to open your google account settings, open the data & personalization section on the left, scroll down to the download option, delete or make a plan for your data.

Later you will find a complete list of Google services associated with the account you are about to delete.

Not only that, even though it’s fairly easy to delete a google account, don’t forget that you can choose to get the download link via email or save it to several other services such as OneDrive, Box or Dropbox.

Select the export frequency, file type and also the maximum size of the compressed archive. Also pay attention if you have a gmail address that is linked to other services such as bank accounts or other websites.

First track these accounts you are using and update the information accordingly before you delete it.

The final word

How to delete a google account is not difficult or time consuming. However, you need to pay attention to which data is important and must be updated first. Whether to delete it permanently or just delete for some services or features only.

Ok, that’s our discussion this time about how to delete it, that all the data we have is safe, thank you for stopping by at Digital Media Indonesia, hopefully it will be useful.

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