How to Overcome TikTok Tri Quota Can Not Be Used


How to Overcome TikTok Quota Tri Can Not Be Used – Hi buddy, lately many 3 card users who complain because extra quota tiktok can not be used, do you also?

Well if it is true it means you have to read this article because we will discuss thoroughly so that the extra quota can be reused.

How to Overcome TikTok Tri Quota Can Not Be Used

Entering 2022 almost all internet providers compete – competitions to provide bonuses or promos to attract their members.

And the palin a lot is the internet quota promo either for social media or others such as quotas to use facebook, instagram or TikTok as much as possible.

Likewise with TRI providers who provide promos to open and use tiktok as much as possible.

But unfortunately there are some 3 users who complain that it is difficult or even can not use the extra quota of free TikTok that has just been obtained.

Causes of Extra Quota TikTok Tri Can Not Be Used?

Well before we discuss how to overcome it we must first know the causes, well here are the common problems:

Weak internet signal

The first most common cause of the problem why some providers including TRI cannot be used is due to weak internet signals in the user’s area.

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For that you have to check and check the area where you access tiktok whether it has a good and stable signal or not.

Quota Is Being Used opening Other Apps

Well the usual cause that happens next is we forget that this extra quota can only be used for tiktok applications.

You must remember again that this extra quota tri quota can not open other applications such as Youtube, online games, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.

For that if you open several applications simultaneously we recommend to change the settings to a regular quota.

Disruption of Internet Network Operators

Well the last common cause of being an obstacle is the disruption of the internet network from the operator of the internet provider.

This can be due to several things such as bad weather conditions or also the operator is running network maintenance.

How to Overcome Extra Quota TikTok Tri That Can Not Be Used

Once we know the cause of tikTok quota can not be used it will be easier. This is some of the ways that can be followed to overcome the quota Tri can not be used.

Find or Move Areas That have a stable internet frequency

If the frequency in your area is very weak then try to move the area to find a location with a stable frequency. After that, then please try to go home to turn on tiktok quota internet data.

Restart smartphone and turn off airplane mode

The next way to try is to use the airplane mode on your smartphone. then, turn off airplane mode and try to turn on internet data.

If TikTok still can not be used, then try to restart your phone. After restarting the phone, then try again to turn on the internet data and open tiktok software.

Change TikTok quota to regular

If you want TikTok quota to be used to open other software and browse on the internet, then you have to change tiktok quota to be as a regular quota or main using http injector application or Psiphon Pro.

Contact customer service

If you have done some guidelines that have been explained but have not succeeded, then the only way that can be done is to contact the customer service of the mobile operator used.
You can contact the customer service by contacting through social media or able to also arrive personally to the nearest workplace.


Such is the discussion of interesting issues this time about how to overcome the extra quota of TikTok Tri that cannot be used. May it be useful.

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