How to Talk to Google Assistant

By | January 23, 2021

Hi, back with the Indonesian digital media blog, we will be discussing technology again. After in the previous article we discussed how to create a Google account, this time we will review how to talk to Google.

How to Talk to Google Assistant

Technology is growing and making it easier for users to be effective in doing many things. One of them is the development of google assistant which can be used by many people anytime and anywhere.

This Google assistant will help the user just by talking to him.

How to talk to this google assistant? Before knowing how, it never hurts to know what the role of this google assistant is.

As entertainment, users can get funny and unique answers from this google assistant in Indonesian.

Not only entertaining but also very helpful for users in finding their needs in a short time.

For example, information on the nearest gas station, the nearest cinema or the nearest restaurant from the user’s current position. Here’s how to use or talk to google.

How to Talk on an Android Phone

For all smartphone users, how to talk to google is very easy. You just touch and hold the home button on your smartphone. Assistant will be ready to help with the user saying “Ok Google”

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You can also speak or type tasks to your assistant. For example, such as “set an alarm for 5 am tomorrow” later the user will get a reply “alarm installed”.

Using this google assistant can manage tasks by sending SMS, set reminders, activate battery saver and also search for emails in no time.

Google Assistant users can also check flight status, make dinner reservations or check out some movies that are currently showing. While on the go, you can even find coffee shops along the way at your convenience.

The use of this google assistant will make it easier for you to give quick access to many features. For example, like “play video clips on youtube” then Google Assistant will open YouTube and make users enjoy the entertainment that is currently broadcast.

How to Talk on Android TV

How to talk to google ? Though these tips do make it easier for us to find many things. Especially for those who always want to quickly access many features on a smartphone.

You can get answers to many questions. You can get real time answers including the latest info on traffic, weather, sports or finances.

In addition, many translations are fast and precise for those on the go.

Talking to Google can’t only be done via smartphones. You can quickly to browse and play your favorite shows. Also get answers and home control where this google assistant is ready to help on Android TV devices according to conditions. The trick is to press the microphone button on your remote to get started.

Users can indeed get a lot of help for various things. For example, such as a short daily report, checking the latest weather and traffic info in your area.

You can also check flight information. There are many interesting things and full of surprises when you successfully use this way of talking to Google.

Unfortunately to successfully use the assistant on android TV, the device must be compatible and requires an internet connection.

Google assistant can work on android TV devices that already have marshmallow and nougat systems.

In addition, this google assistant can work on android TV requires chromecast and requires a subscription to the service. Do several steps or steps on how to talk to Google either on a smartphone or on Android TV.

This service will provide many conveniences for users. As the name implies, the assistant will help your daily life in many ways. Be it at the office, at home or even on the go. One touch, google will answer your needs quickly.

The final word

So, friends, how to talk to Google, don’t forget to share and share so that more people know and feel the benefits.

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