5 Best Internet Hacks You Should Know 


In 1938 when the internet was invented by Bob Kahn, he probably didn’t fathom what a sensation it would become in the 21st century. And how fun it will be to find different little hacks on the internet and feel like Ralph when he broke the internet.

Best Internet Hacks

Hacking is a very common word used to describe malicious wrongdoing of compromising digital data and network to different accounts or computers without any authorization or access. Hackers can be identified into three main categories:

  1. Black Hat Hackers- “The bad guys’
  2. White Hat Hackers- ”The good guys”
  3. Grey Hat Hackers- “The in-between guys”

There is another type of hacker known as “hacktivists” they are political hackers; they tend to raise public awareness by leaking confidential information or knowledge. Examples can be WikiLeaks or LulzSec.

Types of Internet Hacks You Should Know

There are a lot of cool hacks present on the internet which you may or may not know about but are a lot of fun playing with. So let’s see what these hacks are about.

1. Restore an already closed tab on Google Chrome

Let’s say you accidentally closed an important tab, Google; what will you do then? Hold on! Don’t panic! What if I say you can restore it? Just press Shift +Ctrt+T, and there you go, your tab is back on.

2. Reddit Slideshow

Are you like me and surf on Reddit just for the pics and videos? Then you are in luck; I have a Reddit hack that will blow your mind away. When you are searching pics on subreddit r/pics. Just add a little ‘P’ with it (redditp) in the URL, and then see what happens. All the pictures are now in a slideshow mode, Handsfree Reddit; nothing can be better than that. Read Also: The Global Magazine, Small Business Journal, Global business Diary, Big Jar News.

3. Clear Google Cache

Suppose you are visiting and revisiting a website a number of times, and you might notice the loading speed is faster each time. Do you know why this happens? Google Chrome tends to save data inside the cache memory., which in turn fills up your system memory. When this happens, chrome keeps on showing you old display settings even if they changed to something new.

But you can clean this cache and refresh the page with the updated display; just press Ctrl+Shift+R, then just refresh the page.

4. GIF On YouTube

It is a long-standing debate about whether it is a GIF or JIF; how do you pronounce it? No matter what, we can agree that GIFs are very popular. But do you know you can create Gifs on YouTube? It’s true!  Just type ‘gif’ before the YouTube URL., for example, www.gifyoutube.com/hdhuhod.

5. Soft Block On Twitter

Are you like me? Who doesn’t want to offend people by blocking them on Twitter, which will notify them about your action? Then there is a way of going around it. Just click the mute button, and then you can just soft block someone from your profile. What is a soft block, you asked? By soft blocking, you are blocking someone without them knowing. It will block them from seeing any further tweets or retweets of yours but won’t block them from your account. Read More: Singapore News Hub, Singapore Journals, Simply Law Zone, Voice Of Action


Hacking may sound bad in certain instances, but when it comes to internet hacks, then it is fun to play with. These internet hacks are not only fun but make your life easier, and you don’t have to work as much. So let’s know what new internet hacks can you come up with.

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