How to Create a YouTube Channel for Beginners

By | January 15, 2021

Hello, welcome back to Trusted Techno Blog, this time we will discuss how to create a YouTube channel on cellphones and laptops for beginners!! Listen!

How to Create a YouTube Channel for Beginners

These days, watching videos on YouTube is a routine for some people. Many people think that videos circulating on YouTube are more interesting and of higher quality than television. In fact, there are also some people who speculate if YouTube is judged to be better than television.

So far, there have been lots of videos of various genres circulating on YouTube. Starting from the genre of news, entertainment, games, vlogs, music, and other interesting videos. Did you know that channel owners can also earn passive income through the videos they upload.

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Of course, this makes some people to join to be a part of YouTube by uploading videos. Considering lately finding a job is not an easy thing.

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However, to be able to join as a YouTube video publisher or YouTuber, you must have a channel. The channel that you create will contain a collection of videos that you will upload. However, you need to know if the video you upload later must be original, and free from copyright.

So that later you don’t experience problems when creating a YouTube channel, so in this article I want to give you a short tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel for beginners. Check out the following explanation!

How to Create a YouTube Channel Through Android Phones and Laptops

1. First of all, open the YouTube application on your cellphone / Laptop.

2. If you are already logged in to the YouTube application homepage, then you click on your account profile photo, which is located in the upper right corner.

3. The next step, you click “Login”

4. Then a pop-up will appear to add an account, in this step you click “Add account”

5. Next you are asked to fill in your email account or mobile number. If you have clicked “Next”

6. If you have, then you must be asked to fill in the password from your email address. This is so that YouTube can identify the ownership of the account.

7. Next, you just need to click “Agree” or “Continue” until it’s done. When finished, you will be directed to the main YouTube page.

8. Then, you click the profile photo which is located in the upper right corner of your cellphone screen.

9. After that, you click the “Your channel” option

10. A pop-up will appear to create your own custom channel name. After that, you click “CREATE CHANNEL”

11. After that, your YouTube channel has been successfully created and you can immediately change your profile photo, channel description, and share links to other sites or social media.

12. After all the Chanel creation process has been completed, then you can directly upload the video according to what you want.

The final word

Well now you know how to make a YouTube channel on cellphones and laptops, right? now all you have to do is fill in the dancing video content so that many will see

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After that you can make money from the Youtube Channel, the detailed method will be discussed in a future article.

Maybe that’s all the information I can share in this article.

Hopefully the article on how to create a YouTube Channel on HP and Laptop above you can understand well and be useful for you guys. That is all and thank you.