Online loan applications are registered At OJK


Online loan applications are registered At OJK – Hi metavaganza friends, when the covid 19 pandemic is endemic in Indonesia and even the world as it is today, the economy becomes difficult.

Inevitably many Pinjol applications appear that offer credit with attractive programs, but of course not all of them are safe. For this reason, this time we will discuss the List of Online Loan Applications Registered at OJK 2021, so that we are not deceived !!! Listen Yes!!!

Online Loans Apk

Before proceeding to the discussion about the List of Online Loan Applications Registered at OJK 2021, let’s first discuss what is actually called an online loan or also known as Fintech Lending.

Quoted by Mimin from the official OJK website, Fintech Lending is part of an innovation in the financial services industry that uses renewable technology (Fintench).

So Fintech Lending or online loans can be interpreted as lending services using information technology.

Fintech Lending Operator is an organization or legal entity that has systems and mechanisms in serving online savings and loan transactions.

In this case, the online loan mechanism can be implemented through a special application or also through the website.

Online Loans Registered at OJK

With the many online loan application lists that suddenly appear like a hero, OJK as the official government agency authorized to supervise and regulate financial services authorities in Indonesia has often warned that there are many illegal loan applications that are very detrimental.

In accordance with Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) Number 77/POJK.01/2016 concerning Information Technology-Based Lending and Borrowing Services (LPMUBTI).

Supposedly a legal entity that runs the mechanism for borrowing – borrowing money online must have been registered with the OJK before carrying out its operational activities.

And a maximum of 1 year after being registered, the Pinjol organizer must have submitted an application for a permit to the OJK.

What do you mean? what is the difference between a registered and licensed legal entity?

So it’s like this, after being officially registered, a company with a legal entity can carry out operations and online lending and borrowing mechanisms.

And after 1 year, there is an obligation for the company’s mechanism to get a bond from the OJK.

List of Online Loan Applications Registered at OJK 2021

The following is the official list of online loan applications registered with the OJK until 2021

List of Android Online Loan Applications:

  • Danamas
  • Investree
  • Amartha
  • Flash Wallet
  • Kimo
  • Capital Store
  • Friends Money
  • my capital
  • KTA Express
  • Smart Credit
  • Maucash
  • Finmas
  • Clickacc
  • Coinwork

List of Android and IOS Online Loan Applications:

  • Acceleration
  • Ammnana
  • LoanGO

List of Web / Android and IOS Online Loan Applications:

  • Fund Tree
  • Blossom
  • There’s Us
  • Esta Kapital
  • Creditpro
  • Fintag
  • Fast Rupiah
  • Crowdo
  • Indodana
  • Julo
  • Borrowwinwin
  • Rupiah Fund
  • Borrow Capital
  • Taralite
  • Experience
  • Cash Cloud
  • Fund Now
  • Lion
  • Independence Fund
  • Inviola
  • Cashier
  • Igrow
  • Installment
  • Cashwagon
  • Gradana
  • Findaya
  • my activity
  • Kredifazz
  • Livestock
  • Credit
  • Crowde
  • Easy Borrow
  • Tanifund
  • Danin
  • Indofund.Id
  • Aventee
  • Wise Fund
  • Do It
  • Fast Cash
  • Ocean Fund
  • Sharia Fund
  • Telefin
  • People’s Capital
  • Cicil Friends
  • Sunder One Stop Solution
  • Fast Credit
  • Money
  • Borrow Money
  • Let’s borrow
  • Esaycash
  • Rupiah One
  • Charity Fund
  • Education Fund
  • Trushiq
  • Danai.Id
  • Pintek
  • Danamart
  • With us
  • Vestia Apk
  • Business Capital ID
  • my assets
  • Danafix
  • granary of funds
  • Sikam Land
  • National Capital
  • Good Fund
  • Shopypaylater
  • Apk Size
  • Borrow Market
  • credinesia
  • Caspian
  • hand in hand
  • Capital
  • Communal
  • Prosperitree
  • Danako
  • Liquid
  • Bamboo
  • Four times
  • Golden Bridge
  • Clickumkm
  • Crediblee
  • Click Us
  • Finplus
  • Digilend
  • Our Hope
  • Sharia Duha
  • Qazwa
  • Bsalam
  • One Hope
  • Capital Farm
  • Dhanapala
  • my solution
  • Borrow Here
  • As for
  • Tree+
  • Edufund
  • my finances
  • top
  • Dummy
  • Goena
  • my pocket
  • Prime Friend
  • Ok!P2p
  • my doe
  • Finsy
  • loan
  • help me
  • Liquid Click
  • There is Capital
  • my account
  • This Capitalethic
  • Kapitalboot
  • Papitupi Sharia
  • Sharia Fintech
  • Samir
  • Danom
  • Micro Capital Indonesia
  • Optimal
  • Argapro
  • P2p Landing Partner
  • Bbx Fintech
  • 360credit
  • Cankul
  • help me
  • Lend
  • Pinbee
  • Kfund
  • Light
  • Cheerful Pocket
  • my sin
  • our solution
  • Ivoji Apk
  • Pinjamindo
  • Coinbox

The final word

Now, you know what loan applications or online loans are registered with the OJK.

You can directly visit the website or download the application on the Google Playstore or IOS Store.

However, it must be remembered that even though the list above is a legal company according to OJK regulations.

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However, loans or debts must still be paid, our advice is to adjust the loan as needed so that it is not burdensome when paying or paying it off.

Well, that’s our discussion this time about Online Loan Applications Registered at OJK 2021, hopefully it will be useful.

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